CRA Energy

Managing clients expenses.




CRA Energy offers supply-side services that help clients cut utility costs and achieve ongoing savings.

  • Energy Procurement and Risk Management – Maximize your savings and create risk management strategies to protect against volatile energy markets. CRA Energy motivates suppliers to aggressively bid on each client and develop pricing.
  • Energy Information – Track energy and utility bill data.
  • Utility Bill Audit and Refund Recovery – Uncover savings by identifying utility billing variances and exceptions to find overbilling that warrants refunds.



CRA Energy helps clients reduce energy usage by proactively identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and investments.

  • Demand Metering and Analysis – Monitor and analyze energy consumption that uncover opportunities to reduce costs across the company and sustain those cost reductions with ongoing monitoring and management.
  • Energy Efficiency Incentives and Credits – Capture cash incentives for capital projects that deliver energy reductions via energy efficiency incentives. 



  • Green Energy Financing
  • Energy Efficiency Financing
  • PACE Financing

Non-Traditional Financing

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Receivable Financing
  • Asset Based Lending
  • CRE Financing
  • Equipment Loans and Leases
  • Fixed Asset Financing
  • SBA/USDA Financing
  • All Style Type Transportation Financing